Free time for yourself and your team members

Financial Closing & budget

Make your Finance processes more efficient and more transparant. Find all your documents easily and fast.

Contracts and company data

At the moment you are working with Microsoft Teams and/or Office365, congratulations! Why not manage the financial close, budget, contracts, company data and more in Team. s.Just have a look at these solutions.

Microsoft Teams

WIth 75 miljon daily active users (april 2020) Microsoft Teams is a huge and famous player in working from home software. It is impossible to know all features of this software..

So, for financials we have made an excerpt to digetst some of the capabilities.

Of course you have the standard Office 365 security.Bbesides that all of our solutions have “solution specific” governance and security.

Contact us & More information

Over the years we have made many custom SHarePoint / Office 365 solutions on top of our standard range of standard solutions. You can read more on the About us page

Closing files, budget & Forecasts

With Financial Close Manager you have easy access to your closing documentation, budget and forecast documents

Contract Manager.

Company Manager.

QA Manager - HSE document management

ContractManager Info:

Upload own contracts and third party contracts and add metadata: easy warning, financial status of all contracts and many standard reports. make your own reports as well

CompanyManager Info:

Manage and find Minutes, annual reports etc. See shareholders and board members etc..

QAManager Info:

Maintain and publish  procedures, workinstuctions etc. for HSE & QA. Also useabel as digital accounting manual (D.A.M.).

Security, Governance & Guidelines

In admin manager you will find user guidelines, admin guidelines & Governance

Over the years we have made many custom solutions, find more on the  About us page

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