5 questions from Financials answered by Office365

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Closing and documents

1. How do I store and find supporting financial documents?

12 period closings are 12 recurring projects. How can you save and find all supporting documents for a closing in the? How can I share these documents with my Auditor? Simply use Financial Suite® & Office 365. Metadata, audit trail & SharePoint. Microsoft Teams will enable you.

Closing and monitoring

2. How can I report in time?

How do you manage to report before the deadline. How do I monitor progress in the closing process? Our monitoring tool enables you to have the total picture. It delivers included checklists and enables team members and managers to see the status of the closing process at any time. Every task has these essential metadata: Risk, Assigned to, lead time and more. Audit trail available.

Legal solutions

3. How can I find contracts and company information?

Contract management

Contracts displayed in agreement type, financial commitments, contingencies that match the financial reporting standards.Includes  contract life cycle management.

Corporate houskeeping

Minutes, annual reports, publications related to your legal entities can be found here. Besides this information you can see all shareholders, advisors, board members can be stored and found here.

QA & D.A.M.

4. How to share procedures & processes?

Maintaining and publishing procedures, working instructions etc. for ISO QA management and the Digital Accounting Manual. All in the  Cloud, any time, anywhere available.

Fast Close

5. How can I achieve Fast Close for my organization?

These solutions facilitate to control your closing process. Just simple.. Need to know more?

What does it cost?

Solutions for period and year end closing

One thing in Common: Everything needs to be easy!


Microsoft Teams & Financial Suite®

“I can stay in Microsoft teams to do all my work, it's made very easy to communicate with all team members and teams!”

Maybe you are familiar with Microsoft Teams and Financial Suite® solutions for financial closing, contract management, corporate housekeeping and QA management. If you want more than Office365 , you now can use Teams. Really everything on one place where you can start all your applications. Including Outlook and skype.

Office 365 with SharePoint online, Microsoft Teams en Financial Suite® makes you more efficient.

Improve your Finance Team efficiency with Office 365 business tools from Financial Suite®


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