Top 10 solutions for Financials on Office365

Document management and process management for financials by Financial Suite® software

Information on documents

Information on closing process

Microsoft Teams and Financial Suite®

Information on documents

“From document storage to document management”

Information on closing process

12 period closings are 12 recurring projects. How can you save and find all supporting documents for a closing in the? How can I share these documents with my Auditor? Simply use Financial Suite® & Office 365. Metadata, audit trail & SharePoint. Microsoft Teams will enable you.

Contract Manager

Corporate housekeeping

QA - HSE Manager

How can I monitor and find my contracts?

Contracts displayed in agreement type, financial commitments, contingencies that match the financial reporting standards.Includes  contract life cycle management

Find company information and company documents

Minutes, annual reports, publications related to your legal entities can be found here. Find all information about Shareholders, board members, company documents  and company data here.

How to share procedures & processes?

Maintaining and publishing procedures, working instructions etc. for ISO QA management and the Digital Accounting Manual. All in the  Cloud, any time, anywhere available.

Governance and admin

All permissions and guidelines available on SP sites

Two different sites help a company to be in full control one site to monitor permissions and roles and a separate site for User Guidelines for each software solutions from Financial Suite®

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