Manage all your contracts on Office 365

Used for this solution: / Microsoft Teams / SharePoint online (SPO)

Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Manage own and third party contracts
  • Supports word, pdf etc.
  • Standard contract types:
    • Standard
    • Financial
    • Insurances

Shows total contract values

In two steps is your contract in Office365

The methods and quality of legal education vary widely. Some countries require extensive clinical training in the form of apprenticeships or special clinical courses.

Finding without searching

We have analyzed the ways that people search for contracts. We have translated them in easy accessible ways to find a contract instantly

Actions on a dashboard

  • Direct warning for actions to perform
  • Contract reports per line item of financial reports
  • The place to archive ended contracts

Site Management

  • Status update
  • See contracts from different angles
  • Support for one and N entities
  • predefined content types

Contracts per line item Financial reports

See image for examples

Easy to use walkthrough for the process

  • The steps are straight forward as you can see

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