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Fast Close manager

Balance sheet as framework
The choice for SharePoint Financial Suite® was primarily motivated by the flexibility of the platform; documents in any file format can be stored in the system. The decision was based on the fact that this product standardization facilitates the financial reporting and review process in a natural way.

Financial Suite® provides the distribution of information via secure Internet connections available to external auditors, or information to unlock board, shareholders and stakeholders. And although Fernandes is not yet mandatory to IFRS and SOx compliant, it will be considered as an advantage that this Financial Suite and reporting processes associated with supports this legislation.

That Fernandes has chosen for this ‘ customizable out-of-the-box ‘ solution, is in line with the investment policy. The management decided that a private built system would be too expensive, while the result is unpredictable. Combined with the requirement that future interfaces with new business processes on corporate level should benefit from the same platform, makes Financial Suite® the right choice for Fernandes. Especially the same metadata structure that is used in Legal Platform for our contract management increased our efficiency and information output.

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Quote from a Microsoft’s executive:

I shared this with some executive colleagues at Microsoft, and when they saw it they said “We are absolutely blown away. I should get the word out.

AEX listed company: Project Manager

“After a demo of Business apps I thought: “wow that is so easy that I might do it myself, and maybe even better”. But after me starting with SharePoint, I experienced the great added value of the Financial Suite business apps.

As simple as it looked the harder it seemed to create it myself and I appreciate that I have asked the people of Financial Suite to install there solutions which made life much easier for us.

This is how our company got a head start with SharePoint that is required for a well accepted SharePoint platform.”

International group 65 entities 40 countries: Company Manager /Contract manager

These tools are built based on a vast experience of Finance and legal of the people from Financial Suite. Direct contact is easy and has no thresholds. Adjustments on our request are implemented in a very short time in the solutions. besides the practical knowledge of the Financial suite people, the experience of co creators is incorporated as well. In My opinion it is a great tool, flexible, scalable and easy to use.

QA manager

NedCard produces and tests microprocessors for suppliers of  smartcards and RFID-products for telco’s, banks and government. To comply with the quality and security-demands, especially form the banks, NedCard wanted to centralize and control all documents. Financial Suite® installed their solution for Quality Assurance and guided our company in the process of the use of our SharePoint environment.

CFO of a group of companies: Fast Close Manager

I was blown away by the sheer power of Financial Suite® / Fast Close Manager. It was no surprise to me that Microsoft proclaimed it as “the best kept secret” on SharePoint. It struck me that with a small investment we could achieve substantial savings. I invested 2.5 k euro per entity and had a return of 65k per year per entity. I could reinvest the freed up resources in other processes as the creation of dashboards, big data analysis and business control For our 10 companies my P and L improved with 650k per year..

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