Daily use of Microsoft Teams

250 million daily users makes Microsoft Teams a huge success (August 2021)  There certainly will be users interested that want to know more about Microsoft Teams. Please read on.

Source: ZD net 27072021 Find a link at the bottom of this page.

On this page you find real life examples of Microsoft Teams in day to day business. Microsoft teams is the place for collaboration, to work from within TeamsWork, meet, chat and find your files. Microsoft teams includes connections of  Microsoft Teams with SharePoint online for contract life cycle management, company data and documents, closing process, accounting and QA/HSE.

14 FAQ about Microsoft Teams

When you start Teams, the left column is the top navigation level. See your activities, teams, chats, meetings files etc. On this page we explain how Teams can work with Financial Suite® .

Financial Suite® in Microsoft Teams

1. How to share my documents?

Standard in Teams: Create a team and you automatically create a new SharePoint site! The site is displayed as the tab called  Files, an Office365 group is ccreated as well. Be aware that removing a team will also remove the site and tghe group.

Maintain the closing files

View your closing files

2. How to monitor my processes?

In the progress tab you find all the closing tasks to performOne click closing to complete the task.


3. How can I manage my contracts?

Add a contract the easy way and find all the contracts in many different ways, see the financial impact of all contracts, secure deadlines, take actions etc.

Contract Management

4. How does corporate housekeeping work?

Corporate Housekeeping is done with the FS solution Company manager. Share company data and company documents across the organization. Shareholders, board members, annual reports, bylaws etc.

Corporate housekeeping

5. How does teams support QA / HSE?

The QA team enables the connection with the QA/HSE solution of FinancialSuite®Find all your QA/HSE documents the easy way.

QA - HSE Management

6. How to connect a tab in Teams with SharePoint in 3 steps

All Financial Suite® are created in office 365 / SharePoint Online. We show how easy it is to connect SharePoint online and Teams.

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams : Video calls are easy and well accepted

This icon opens up the conversations and gives access to the other icons in this group. Conversations supports the use of emoji’s, stickers or gif’s. At this location you can start a meeting directly

7. How to emphasise my texts?

  Left icon, add stickers   you can add emoji’s , gifs and stickers to a chat.


8. Videocalling

The Icon on the right enables you to meet directly with another team member, click on meet now to start the meeting. Select a user form the list and go!

Online meetings in Teams


Functionality and productivity

9. How to share YouTube videos?

Two ways to share an interesting video. Open a channel and give it the name video’s and link video’s in tabs add the links of the You Tube and ready. Yoy can also share all your videos with the use of Stream and add the Stream app to a Tab.

Share You Tube video's

10. How to share own videos?

Share your own videos by opening a new channel. That’s just what we did. We called the channel: courses.

Share own videos with Stream

11. How can I open my accountingsoftware?

Every accounting software can be linked with their URL

Accounting software / ERP can be found here too

12. How to find my most recent updated files?

Click on files in the left column and you will see all your recent documents. You can update them directly with Microsoft teams, no need to pen any other software Click on the ellipse (3 dots next to the document) and choose your way to work. Easy isn’t it?

Find and update your most recent files directly with the Files option


13. How to add a custom background in a meeting?

Select or create a background in jpeg format and upload it.


  • Prepare a custom background JPEG file with the size around 1 MB.
  • Windows: Place the bold text in the search box next to the windows icon (left-bottom) %AppData%MicrosoftTeamsBackgroundsUploads folder, copy the image here
  • Apple: Place the image in /users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds/Uploads
  • Now during a video call in Teams, click the background icon. Your new custom background will be listed along with the default set of backgrounds.

Note: Not all tenants have this option yet at 12-5-2020

14. How do Teams and FinancialSuite® make my life easy?

I can do everything directly within Teams. No need for individual applications. All in one, super cool!

Working from: call and share easily with meetings and calls.

Lots of improvements coming up! 250.000.000 daily users love it.

ZDnet: 250 million daily users

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