Financial applications on Office 365 / SharePoint, pricing and features

Operational in one day!

Working with SharePoint and do you intend to create financial document management and process management? Make a better decision make or buy. We have created all financial management tools in Finance you can imagine. If you buy you can spent your vauable time on other issues. If you create it yourself or outsource it to a programmer you will get what you have, only in a different format. With our applications you get state of the art.

Specific functions for Fast Close, manage financial documents & checklists

  • Progress monitoring as a project
  • Separate library to share your documents with your auditors
  • Library with generic tasks for holding co, production, sales, service, etc.


  • Ready for SOx, IAS – IFRS etc.
  • Financial metadata
  • Audit trails on documents and tasks

Document management

  • Electronic filing of financial documents
  • Copy complete or partial content from period to period
  • Copy documents to stakeholders libraries
  • Copy documents from period to forecast and or budget
  • Share documents with auditors

Process management = checklists

  • Extended set of master data repository with generic tasks for closing procedures, budget, forecast, publication & PBC documents
  • Multiple views on Master tasks makes it easy to tune the tasks to your organization
  • Personal dashboard, showing tasks to complete sorted by priority / risk level
  • Easey redirecting taks from one person to another (holidays, sickness)

Features and options

Features for Digital accounting manual(DAM)

  • Publication library
  • Maintenance library


  • Multiple views on the accounting manual


Document management

  • Procedure management
  • Find without search
  • Use your own templates with content types

Process management

  • Publications by  workflows
  • Easy scalable and adjustable
  • Monitor progress
  • Reports on variances
  • Intuitive interface

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