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Financial suite® is het geregistreerde handelsmerk van Smart SharePoint Solutions. Smart SharePoint Solutions is een ISV (independent software vendor) die business oplossingen ontwerpt, maakt en levert op het Office365/SharePoint platform.

Het bedrijf is opgericht in 2009 op dit moment worden onze producten wereldwijd gebruikt.

Fast Close manager is een financial closing solution, ofwel een oplossing voor het afsluiten en documentern van documenten en processen rondom het afsluitproces. Verder maken wij oplossingen voor Legal (Corporate Housekeeping and Contract Life Cycle Management), project management en quality assurance onder de registered tradename Financial Suite®

Co creatie

We werken voor sommige oplossingen nauw samen met experts op hun gebied. We noemen ze co- createurs. Wij bouwden samen met Top Financials, juristen en QA Managers.

Specificaties en features


FastCloseManager , ReportingManager and digital accounting manual


Contract manager and company manager.


QAManager and Project Manager

Our vision

Note: Only 20 % of your data is structured!

Smart SharePoint Solutions combines experience of datastructuring and SharePoint to help you structure the other 80 %.

Process optimization in all the processes that are not in your transaction databases by supporting the part of the processes that the major players do not support.
Our longtime history in finance, planning and control learned us that many of the financial people suffered from the same problem, i.e. lost data at the moment that you really need it.

Well, the data is not completely lost, but you cannot find it, while you’re sure that the document exists,…………somewhere. We have called that floating data and we wanted to solve that problem.

Metadata, basis to find your data.

In general, data in shared folders is never coded. These data are like the cement between the data bricks of other systems. It is never primary or secondary data and is not stored in databases from SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft , Exact, Accountview, Unit 4, Dynamics, Hyperion of Cognos etc. And the data is always needed to compose your period end report and supporting analysis, your budget or your forecast, so it is vital data for you.

Anyhow it was time for a solution, so we have developed Financial Suite® We have coded tasks and documents, so you can find it and work efficiently if you install our solution.

Financial Suite® saves time and money. You will have a high return on investment. If you calculate it, you can save at least 12 k per year per organization. Which gives you a payback of 7 – 8 months for that organization. The corporate pack has no limits on the return on investment at all.

Environmental focus.

As Financial Suite® is a native cloud solution, in most cases deployed on servers of Microsoft’s Office 365, we support Microsoft’s environmental paragraph.  Financial Suite® is also available on SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 on premises.

Why Financial Suite®?

Financial Suite® meets all criteria of simplicity and efficiency and improves your planning and control process and your legal processes.

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