Office365 for finance, para legal & group control

Standard solutions

Our best selling standard solutions

Closing forms

Process tracking


Info: Closing details

All documents and tasks have Metadata. The result is : easy finding documents in the way you like

Info: Manage the financial closing process

Each member has its own checklist. Each member can see remaining tasks and take over the task. Replacement when member is absent is easy.

Info: Manage small (Finance) projects

Standard available with a fast close project and standard with 10 steps in milestones defined

Corporate housekeeping



Info: manage corporate data

Manage all company related company data, Boardmembers, Shareholders, Annual Reports etc.

Info: Contractmanagement

Easy access to all contracts. Lots of options.

Info: HSE & QA document management

Manage all HSE & QA documents in one place

Custom solutions

Excerpt of our custom solutions



Info: Security and Governance

All solutions have a SiteManagement page with easy access to SharePoint settings, default permissions and defing the users of the solution

Info: Documentmanagement

Manage cascaded views for sub assemblies and finished goods. Surveys, registrations certificates etc.

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