ProjectManagement on Office365

This is a new approach for project management on Office365.

The project management solution is made by and for project management of live projects that are based on managing the output per phase and the total project. Information is displayed in many ways.

Project essentials

Opening a project site displays all essentials of the project at a glance you can see project name, project goals, overdue tasks, documents and contracts and the team.

Personalized information

We want to make the life of a project member easier. We have grouped the personalized information of tasks, documents and contracts easy

Project tasks

In the third section different ways to look at your project tasks are displayed here. You see all project tasks, a Gantt Chart and if you have multiple projects you can see all your recent tasks of all these projects. With one click you can see the details of the task and update the task.

Project Status

In project management it is essential to monitor status and progress. You can follow status and progress in this section.

Project Contracts

The contract management option makes the project management solution on Office 365 unique. You can add, edit  and monitor all contracts of the project

MY tasks

See your tasks displayed in task cards. Click on a card to see the details.

Site management

Define users and update default permissions if required. Direct access to relevant SharePoint functions.

The solution is built on SharePoint online, works great with Microsoft Teams and other Office365 solutions. It is possible to create multiple projects and monitor these on one single place.

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