Quality Assurance on Office 365 / SharePoint, pricing, options and features

Financial Suite® supports the Quality Assurance process  on the SharePoint platform /Offic365 platform. Achieve maximum ROI with minimal effort (metadata driven) by the use of our experience translated into this QA solution.

QA manager

€ 2.500
Price for the solution

Unlimited number of entities. Annual license and maintenance fee is 20% of the list price


the​ # 1 Quality Assurance solution on SharePoint

is the ultimate solution to manage your documents and procedures

QA Manager controls the documentation of your processes and procedures in a compelling way for quality assurance auditors. The structure of the solution is as simple as effective on the Office365 platform. Vendor rating is included errors and repair management is also included. Quality Assurance made easy for every company.

Faster information, complete documentation at lower cost, that is what you can achieve with QAManager.

Optimal process management. QA Manager makes emails redundant. QAManager is built by experienced QA managers and skilled SharePoint and .Net programmers.

 Home Page of QA Manager

The home page gives direct access to the most important documents in a way that you want it.


Document management

  • View the documents via the QA public option (left column)
  • Or access the documents library directly by chapter, department, process owner etc..
  • The quick access saves much time when you have an audit
  • Documents are maintained by a department member and approved by head of the department and QA manager before it is published (left column)
  • Every member can find the documents easily without searching for them

An example of the documents approval procedure with workflows:


Available for single and multi sites

  • Available for companies
  • Available in one site collection for SSC and holdings with subsidiaries
  • Sharing with external auditors is very easy

Technical requirements

  • Available on SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint online
  • SharePoint on premises is not required
  • Is safe with ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001 certificates of  Microsoft
  • Predefined secuity groups, security trimmed information
  • Email is redundant- One Drive, Groups in Exchange en Yammer for direct access to your information
  • Available or the new ISO norm
  • Efficient document management with workflows
  • Segregation between maintenance and publication of documents
  • Multiple certified customers
  • Enthusiastic auditors
  • Well documented and transparent process
  • Vendor rating and registrations
  • QA manager has almost full control
  • Exclusive for Office365
  • Multiple or single entity

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