Contract Life Cycle management solution on Office 365 / SharePoint, pricing and features

Financial Suite®  offers corporate housekeeping / legal solutions on the SharePoint platform /Offic365 platform. Contract lifecycle management with Contract Manager and Company Manager for all legal company documents.

These solutions are built in close cooperation with our co creating legal counsel and our SharePoint experts.

Contract manager

€ 2.500
Price for the solution

Unlimited number of entities. Annual license and maintenance fee is 20% of the list price.


Contract dashboard

Features for financial and litigation reporting

  • Can monitor outgoing and incoming contracts
  • Supports unlimited number of contracts
  • Scanned contracts are easy to attach and come with version control
  • Automatic calculation of contract value
  • Many standard reports – see pricture
  • Gives quick insight in numerous ways with findwithoutsearch and Bing search tools
  • Has excellent references

Technical Information

  • No need to set up infrastructure it also runs on Sharepoint 2013 online
  • Secure with ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001 certificates from Microsoft.
  • Secure and trusted by governments, includes ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001 certification
  • Security trimmed information, predefined security groups
  • Simple 30 minute installation
  • Configuration is a matter of hours (depends on # of reporting entities)
  • Configurable Portal connected with other ECM solutions of Financial suite®: Project management, QA, Contract management and Legal
  • Available in English

 General Information

The contract management software is based on the fact that organizations issue AND receive contracts that they want to manage effectively and efficiently. Most of the contract management systems are document based and start from their own generated contracts with the associated workflows. Which is also possible with our solution.

Searching has become “finding”. Searching within contracts is also possible with the standard SharePoint Search option.

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